Give through your pay

Donating through your pay is an easy, tax efficient way for you to help Melbourne City Mission support Victorians who are experiencing disadvantage.

Why give?

Because giving is the single most powerful thing you can do to help those who are struggling in life.

How does it work:

For employees 

You can donate money directly through your pay to us on a regular basis and receive a tax-deduction as you give. Simply complete the Workplace Giving registration form and nominate your chosen amount to donate each pay from your pre-tax salary. This means you will get tax savings straight away, reducing your taxable income. 

Sign up to Workplace Giving in three simple steps:

  • Complete the Workplace Giving registration form, nominating the amount you'd like to donate each pay cycle.
  • Send the completed Workplace Giving form to your payroll officer and ask them to set it up for you. 
  • Your payroll officer can get more information on how to set up Workplace Giving at Alternatively, please contact us on the details below.

For employers 

As an employer, if you wish to offer workplace giving, you can invite your employees to enter into a workplace giving program. Your employees nominate their preferred charity and then specify the amount they wish to donate. For more information on setting up workplace giving, visit

If your employees wish to give to Melbourne City Mission via workplace giving, we can offer guidance and information on how best to set up a Workplace Giving program and how to effectively engage staff – simply contact us on the details below.

 To receive a Workplace Giving brochure complete with registration form, please contact us on the below details.

Who to contact Contact details
Corporate Partnership
Phone: 03 8625 4413