Kickstart Your Dream


At Melbourne City Mission, we love seeing people with disabilities dreaming big.

We’ve launched an exciting new program that’s all about Victorians empowering themselves to reach for their dreams. This means looking beyond your illness or disability, to focus on a dream that’s highly positive and empowering. Doing this creates memories for entire families and makes a lasting impact for everyone involved.

If you are successful in becoming a Kickstart Your Dream recipient, you’ll work with a $2,000 grant and a mentor. It might be creating employment for yourself, furthering your education, taking on new training or get more connected with your community.

  • Please note, the first round of applications are now closed. More details will follow when the next round of applications open. Alternatively, call our team on 1800 343 287 if you have an enquiry.

If you’re thinking “I could help with this”, you can!

Get further information by calling 1800 343 287 or email

View the Kickstart Your Dream guidelines/terms and conditions here.