Media contacts

Melbourne City Mission is regularly contacted by the media, requiring comment on various initiatives and issues. All requests for interviews, comment and enquiries should be referred to our Media Advisor by email, or telephone 0437 015 172. Please see below some of our main spokespeople who are available to speak to media on various topics. We look forward to hearing from you.


Liz Bishop - female, wearing a black top, necklace and grey hair smiling at the camera

Liz Bishop – Chief Operating Officer

Liz has worked in the disability sector for over 32 years and was previously the Director of our Children and Disability division. Liz successfully grew and developed our services within this area. Liz is available for interview to speak about our range of disability services which provide support to individuals and their families to live the life they want.



Dave Wells – Director of Early Years, Education & Employment

Dave is available to speak about a range of issues, including developing alternative models of education, lifting rates of economic participation for early school leavers and long-term unemployed, reconnecting disengaged youth with school, and promoting pathways to participation in quality early learning and child care.


Sherri Bruinhout – Director, Homelessness and Justice Services

Sherri brings over fifteen years experience to the homelessness portfolio. She has worked in government and non-government settings, contributing to the youth homelessness, affordable housing and community inclusion sectors. Sherri is available for interview to speak about our crisis accommodation, homelessness support services, justice programs and youth/family connections services.



Wayne Merritt, male, with brown hair, wearing a blue and white shirt, smiling

Wayne Merritt – Manager, Frontyard Youth Services

Frontyard Youth Services is a drop in youth service providing support and essential services for those who are homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless in Melbourne's CBD. Wayne is available for interview to speak on our innovative homelessness services and how we work with young people.