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"A paw in need": University of Melbourne

Date: 7 February 2018
A pilot program has brought in therapy dogs to help support young people experiencing homelessness as research probes the underlying causes.

"Okay. Let’s make some music”: Inside Story

Date: 22 January 2018
Youth homelessness is more than a question of affordable accommodation. A new project based at Frontyard Youth Services shows how music can play an unexpected role.

Date: December 2017 
A number of articles by Melbourne City Mission were featured in Parity Magazine's December 2017 conference edition. A summary of each article is below. Download the PDF file to read the full articles.
Understanding family conflict as it relates to young people experiencing homelessness’
Principal of Melbourne City Mission’s The Hester Hornbrook Academy Dave Wells reflects on the development and growth of The Hester Hornbrook Academy from 2012 to today, with 164 students in eight classrooms across five campuses; and shares his learnings about responding to youth homelessness. 
‘Housing isn’t everything: Music therapy in youth homelessness’
Many young people connect with music as part of their social world, to explore their identity, or just to relax. It is in this context that music therapy offers an opportunity to connect with young people, and to support and strengthen their pre-existing coping mechanisms; delivering a truly strengths-based intervention. 
'Exploring the use of animal assisted interventions with youth experiencing homelessness’
Finding effective ways to support young people experiencing homelessness is important. This project was designed to examine the influence of animal assisted activities at Frontyard Youth Services, working with young people who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness. The pilot program involved over 170 young people participating in weekly animal assisted activities, with these activities playing a key role in the lives of the young people, particularly related to their sense of wellbeing and connectedness. 
‘Understanding family Housing isn’t everything: Music therapy in youth homelessness’
Breakdown of family relationships is the most frequently identified reason that young people seek help with homelessness and feel unable to return home. We can better prevent youth homelessness or intervene early to respond if we better understand the nature and causes of this critical driver.