Learning new skills

Whether you or the person you support is living with a disability, we provide a range of supports that can assist you with the development of new skills to help people live an independent life. Whether you need support to learn independent living skills, budgeting, using public transport, cooking, cleaning, accessing resources, continuing education or finding meaningful things to do with your day, we have a variety of services that can support you. Below you will find a list of what we can provide.

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Respite provides families with a short-term break while someone else supports the person with a disability. Our service aims to enhance the quality of life for both the person with a disability and the carer, while respecting their individual needs.
Bridges Community Linkages
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Bridges supports adults with mild to severe intellectual disabilities with community-based training and support. We also provide an adult training support service. Please click through for further information - this support can be for you if you have funds in your NDIS plan, or in your Department of Health and Human Services Individualised Support Plan.