The Hester Hornbrook Academy


The Hester Hornbrook Academy, formerly Melbourne Academy, is an Independent school run by Melbourne City Mission. 

It was established to provide supportive, flexible education to reconnect young people with schooling, which is often the most important step in getting them back on track. Building on the evidence of what works, we provide both social and education supports to help people achieve their goals.

The Academy works with the Melbourne City Mission Registered Training Organisation (RTO), to deliver accredited training. The RTO is registered with the National VET Regulator, ASQA. In addition, as an Independent School, we deliver the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL). These are all delivered through our Academy program.

Our Hester Hornbrook Academy classrooms focus on training towards both a VCAL and VET certificate. We deliver education from a range of classrooms each having a specific focus. We also provide an outreach education model.

Hester Hornbrook Academy Locations

Our Hester Hornbrook Academy offers VCAL programs in five sites around Melbourne. Each site is co-located with other youth services and every classroom has a youth worker and educator who work together to support their students.

  • North Fitzroy

At North Fitzroy students can study Intermediate or Senior VCAL and engage in a multimedia-themed program based at our purpose-built multimedia and music studio.

  • King Street, CBD

At King Street students can study Foundation or Intermediate VCAL. The classroom is integrated with our Frontyard Youth Services for homeless or for those at risk of homelessness and engages students as an alternative to school and TAFE.  

  • Sunshine

At Sunshine students can study Intermediate and Senior VCAL as well as having the opportunity to undertake a Certificate II in Community Services. The Sunshine space is in the Visy Cares Hub, a youth hub that houses a number of youth support services.

  • Braybrook

At Braybrook young mums have the chance to continue their education after having a baby. This class offers Foundation, Intermediate and Senior VCAL. Students can be pregnant and can bring a baby with them to class when they are ready to return to learning.

  • South Melbourne

At South Melbourne students are offered VCAL at Foundation, Intermediate, and Senior levels. All classes are designed to be highly flexible for young people who have faced barriers to learning in the past.

There is also a Young Mums class where students can keep studying after they have had a baby. Students can be pregnant and can bring a baby with them to class when they are ready to return to learning.

The HEAT program runs from this site. This is a practical youth re-engagement program that assists young people in developing self-esteem, leading to an accredited training qualification in the hospitality industry and preparing them for the world of work.

New flagship campus coming soon

Find out more about our new flagship campus for The Hester Hornbrook Academy and HEAT Training. Find out more.

Is this support for me or my client?

To be eligible to enrol in the Hester Hornbrook Academy the student needs to:

  • be between 15–25 years of age
  • be willing to commit to classes 5 days per week
  • be willing to travel to North Fitzroy, Braybrook, Sunshine, South Melbourne or the CBD.

How can this support assist me or my client?

We offer Foundation, Intermediate and Senior level VCAL. We also provide a flexible learning environment, which gives students the opportunity to work on both individual areas of interest, as well as group activities.

We have a flexible enrolment, which means we can take students at any point during the school year.

The Hester Hornbrook Academy Alumni

When the Academy was being developed, discussions were had about how students could be supported after they leave the classroom and move on to their next stage of life. We wanted to create an alumni program that could provide ongoing support, continue a connection to the Academy community, provide a space to return to in times of crisis and provide ongoing education and pathway support.

The Alumni program will be managed by a youth worker that has experience in both education and youth work, and a good understanding of the Academy. Community events will be organised each year such as barbeques, exhibitions and workshops to address any issues that may come up, like finding employment, further study or pathway planning. 

If you want to stay connected and get involved, please email and someone will be in contact.

Policies and procedures

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