What YAG 2017 is up to

March 2017 

National Youth Week

decorativeThe young leaders of the 2017 YAG started their year by sharing their vision for their generation during National Youth Week, through an online advocacy campaign.


April 2017 

Launch of the April 2017 'Giving Voice: Young People Experiencing and Responding to Homelessness' edition of Parity

decorativeOn Friday 7 April, Melbourne City Mission joined the Council to Homeless Persons (CHP) and Hope Street Youth and Family Services in launching the April 2017 “Giving Voice: Young People Experiencing and Responding to Homelessness” edition of Parity.

As part of the morning, four young people who Melbourne City Mission works alongside, including two young leaders from the 2017 YAG, were coached to share their stories to the wider audience. Each of these young people were also supported to write a piece on their own life experiences, which were published in the journal. You can read their written pieces here.

Policy Consultation with Oaktree

decorativeThe young leaders were invited by youth-led organisation, Oaktree, to feed into the Foreign Affairs White Paper as part of a consultative process through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). The White Paper is a document defining Australia’s economic, security and foreign policy interests over the next five to ten years – with youth voice being a crucial component in communicating a vision for the future of Australia’s influential role in the Asia Pacific region, tackling issues such as Foreign Aid, Climate Finance and Trade Policy. The White Paper is due to be finalised in June 2017.

Voice and Public Speaking Workshop

Over two weeks, the young leaders worked alongside community facilitator, Jacinta Percy, to work with building voice confidence for their advocacy and public speaking events.

Implementing the New Urban Agenda Conference: Making Cities Inclusive, Safe, Resilient and Sustainable

The New Urban Agenda pulls together many key themes for the future of life in cities and in particular emphasises the 'right to the city’, a ‘city for all’ and ‘no one left behind’. The Australian Government is a signatory to the agreement and this has clear implications for the future of a wide range of policies including those for affordable housing and homelessness. 

This conference was the first attempt in the Southern Hemisphere to explore the implications of the New Urban Agenda, which will guide policy globally for the next 20 years. 

Three young leaders of the 2017 YAG attended the conference, where they participated in a pre-conference workshop – sharing their views and experiences of homelessness and offering ideas as to what might be done to remedy the issue.

Two of the YAG youth advocates, Edward and Kirstin, were featured in an article in Pro Bono Australia titled ‘A City for All Needs Housing’. You can read it here.

May 2017 

Sleep at the 'G

decorativeAs part of Melbourne City Mission’s annual Sleep at the ‘G event, four young advocates from both the 2017 and alumni Youth Action Group’s played vital roles in raising awareness of the issue of youth homelessness. As part of a corporate panel on the night, Heath and Shaye shared their powerful experiences and insights, in addition to four of the young advocates, Aleisha, Edward, Heath and Kirstin filming educational videos that were circulated across social mediaand played on the big screens during the night. Edward was also invited to sing a song he composed, ‘New Beginnings’, on the main stage. 

decorativeWe are incredibly proud of these young people for authentically and courageously sharing with us in the hopes of having people better understand the complexities that sit behind the issue of youth homelessness.


Non – Violent Communication Training

Over two weeks, the young leaders participated in non-violent communication training with Nicola Paris of Counteract. The young leaders learnt about the importance of effective campaigning and how non-violent action supports communities in taking effective, creative, strategic action on issues of social justice.