Client benefits

decorativeClient benefits of developing cultural intelligence

The need for firms to be culturally intelligent has never been as important as now. The issue is no longer peripheral, but essential to business success. 

The benefits include:


Better talent 

Employees of organisations where diversity is supported in the workplace are: 

  • 83% more innovative
  • 31% more responsive to customer needs and
  • 42% better at team collaboration than industry peers.

Improved staff efficiency, retention and inclusion

‘Competition for talent’ – internationally and in emerging markets – has been identified by 325 Global Business Executives as the number 1 pressing concern today.


Greater creativity
and innovation 

Firms with high cultural diversity at Board level, have average returns on equity 53% higher than firms with little or no diversity.



Improved business
performance & productivity

Companies that actively leverage employee diversity to drive innovation meet revenue targets 46% more often than industry peers.

      If your organisation is not actively leveraging the benefits of cultural diversity – it is missing important opportunities.