Our services

CQ offer professional services in intercultural consulting, training, research and resource development.


Consulting Services

CQ offer bespoke consulting services that meet our clients’ diverse needs. Our services include:

1) Advisory and Design 
We advise on the design of strategic plans, multicultural programs, consultation, governance, policy and community planning. We advise on multicultural communication and marketing campaigns to enable clients access culturally diverse domestic and overseas customers.

2) Implementation 
We support clients implement culturally intelligent initiatives, programs and solutions.

3) Consultation 
We offer bespoke consulting services to support diversity and inclusion in the workplace. 
We facilitate community consultations, staff engagements, forums and workshops for our clients. 

4) Evaluation 
We provide independent evaluation services for clients. 


Training Services

CQ offer innovative and highly interactive workshop-based training programs that are designed to build organisational and individual cultural intelligence. Our suite of training programs include:

  • Developing Cultural Intelligence
  • Cross Cultural Communication
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Working with Interpreters.


Research and Resource Development

CQ works with our research partners to undertake research with and on behalf of clients to accurately and credibly understand the issues relating to cultural diversity. CQ can support your organisation to:

  • Research the organisational business case for cultural diversity and/or related interventions
  • Research and analysis of diversity data, metrics and indicators
  • Research into issues of local, national and international significance.

We work with our clients to design and develop innovative and engaging resources to build cultural intelligence. Our services include:

  • E-Learning design and development
  • Resource development (including tools, guides, job aids, videos and webinars) to support organisational cultural intelligence.