Introducing MCM's new brand

Introducing our new brand

The Melbourne City Mission brand lives within people’s memories, experiences, stories and perceptions of our organisation.

Our brand identity shapes how we represent ourselves to clients, customers, participants, partners, sponsors, donors, staff and everyone else we interact with.

Why we’re updating our brand

Melbourne City Mission has BIG plans for the future.

Our brand refresh reflects the extensive research we completed with MCM staff, service users and influencers, corporate and individual sponsors and donors.

Conducted between October 2017 and May 2018, the research uncovered a large and diverse range of opinions, values and experiences. This formed a rich source of information that informed the change to our brand and messaging, that we're excited to be sharing with you.

Our new logo feels exciting, modern and fresh


New  MCM logo

It aligns with our familiar colours, within a new unique and distinctive font and design.

It incorporates a subtle 'shadow' interior, depicting MCM's customer/client/participant journey and upward trajectory, and adopts the commonly used and popular acronym: MCM.

Our new key message...

Your future, your way

Encapsulates the essence of what MCM does, and the importance of a life based on self-determination, purpose and meaning.

For our customers, clients and participants, it means creating and owning a future where they can be their best.