Environment Action Plan

At Melbourne City Mission, we strive to operate in an environmentally responsible way. We recognise our role as leaders in the community sector, and our responsibility to work toward social, economic and environmental justice for all communities. Therefore, we are committed to understanding our organisations’ impacts on the natural world and working together to integrate environmentally sustainable practices which are innovative, effective, inclusive and financially responsible.

Over the next 24 months, our organisation commits to:

Derive 100% of electricity usage from renewable sources

  • We will consider installing solar panels on qualifying sites
  • We will consider purchasing 100% Green Power from our electricity retailer

Integrate organisation wide purchasing that reflects Melbourne City Mission’s environmental commitment

  • Integrate organisation wide purchasing that reflects Melbourne City Mission’s environmental commitment
  • We aim to capture information about the environmental credentials of products and the environmental performance of suppliers
  • We will implement a process to assess the environmental impacts of suppliers and their products for future procurement and purchasing
  • We will ensure 60% of suppliers and products have an Melbourne City Mission approved environmental credential

Consider a fossil fuel divestment strategy

  • An analysis of the organisation’s exposure to fossil fuel investments will be conducted
  • A paper will be presented to the Executive Directors outlining the benefits of divestment

Raise internal awareness of Environmental Action Plan and other environmental activities and initiatives

  • A comprehensive environmental communication plan will be identified and integrated

Celebrate World Environment Day (WED) & National Recycling Week (NRW)

  • Our Environment & Sustainability Committee (ESC) planned and supported site based events to recognise and celebrate WED & NRW each year

Continuously increase and improve the representation of Melbourne City Mission sites at the Environment & Sustainability Committee (ESC) and assess the quality of the environmental feedback processes from sites

  • Site meeting discussions and ideas from feedback forms will be tabled at ESC meetings
  • Invitation to join the ESC will be communicated on a regular basis
  • Actions derived from ESC meetings will be completed in a timely manner
  • Opportunities identified in Environmental Opportunities Report – Shared Services will be assessed and implemented
  • We will consider the environment impact of new property for Melbourne City Mission, for environmental sustainability

Achieve Environmental Certification

  • We aim to achieve official Environmental certification as an organisation

Monitor the environmental performance of the organisation

  • Baseline environmental information will be collected
  • Reduction targets will be identified for key environmental measures such as electricity, waste and travel
  • Annual staff surveys will be conducted

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”
– Native American Proverb.