End Youth Homelessness

We’re leading the way in putting a stop to youth homelessness


Why you should care about youth homelessness

Homelessness can be a traumatic, dangerous and isolating experience. Young people without a safe place to spend the night may be forced into unsafe housing, someone else’s couch or, in some cases, out on the street.

A young person’s mental health, ability to gain employment and education and physical health can be severely impacted by homelessness. There are also ongoing, long-term economic and social costs.

These young people are a part of the future of our country. We need to keep them safe so they can fulfill their potential.

Recently released ABS figures show an 11 per cent increase in the number of people experiencing homelessness in Victoria on Census night in 2016: 24,817 Victorians.

Two of every five Victorians counted as homeless are under 25 years old

All young people in Australia should have access to a safe place. We’re coming together to raise community awareness and understanding of the issues facing young people both experiencing and at risk of homelessness. 
Two of every five Victorians counted as homeless are under the age of 25

View more statistics from our Frontyard service.

What are we doing about youth homelessness?

Melbourne City Mission responds to and supports young people at all stages: Whether it be intervening early to prevent a young person from entering the homelessness service network, responding to crisis, or supporting people with their recovery and repair journey.

Programs such as Detour, Creating Connections and other early intervention supports, Youth Foyers and Youth Refuges, support young people across Victoria.

We’re also working to change the policies and societal factors that push people into homelessness in the first place. We’re advocating for more Commonwealth funding and working with partners across the sector and community to educate the public and advocate for young people experiencing homelessness.

Ask an expert

Melbourne City Mission is regularly contacted by the media, requiring comment on various initiatives and issues.

All requests for interviews, comment and enquiries should be referred to our Media Advisor by:
Our main spokespeople are available for media interviews on various topics, and include:

Vicki Sutton
Chief Executive Officer

Vicki has been Chief Executive Officer of Melbourne City Mission since 2016. Vicki’s more than 30 year career has spanned the commercial and not-for-profit sectors, including Royal District Nursing Service, BP and National Australia Bank. For the past 13 years, Vicki has partnered with Boards, CEOs and peers to deliver transformational change and growth in complex and challenging environments.

As CEO of Melbourne City Mission, Vicki is available to speak on a range of issues associated with Melbourne City Mission's work.

Wayne Merritt
General Manager, Homelessness and Justice

Frontyard Youth Services is a drop-in youth service providing support and essential services for those who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless in Melbourne's CBD. 

Wayne is available for interview to speak on our innovative homelessness services and how we work with young people.

Who are we?

Early MelbourneMelbourne City Mission is one of Victoria’s oldest and largest community services organisations, with a broad service platform encompassing early years, education and employment, homelessness and justice services, early childhood intervention and disability services, and palliative care services.

We’ve been around for almost as long as Melbourne itself, and over the years we've adapted and evolved alongside the people we work with, responding to the changing needs of communities. 

Our vision is to create a fair and just community where people have equal access to opportunities and resources

Every day, Melbourne City Mission works with some of Melbourne and Victoria’s most vulnerable individuals, families and communities.

Every week, we help thousands of people escape and avoid disadvantage, economic exclusion and social isolation.

Our staff are dedicated professionals, with the expertise to deliver holistic, integrated services that really make a powerful and sustainable difference to people’s lives.

Melbourne City Mission is Victoria’s largest source of homelessness services for young people under the age of 25: 

We’re also working to change the policies and societal factors that push people into homelessness in the first place, including: 
The Frontyard Youth Advisory Committee (FYAC) are also available to deliver community education sessions focused on youth homelessness.

FYAC members have unique perspectives, and a passion for reducing the stigma and promoting understanding around the causes and effects of youth homelessness.