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Sign up to Melbourne City Mission's Workplace Giving Program and help make a difference

Payday could mean so much more. The Wishing Well Workplace Giving Program gives you the opportunity to make a real difference in the life of a young person, by donating a nominated amount each pay day. Staff are able to make donations from their payroll to support their preferred area of Melbourne City Mission and to provide funds to grant 'wishes' for young people outside of the scope of normal program activities. 

You can grant a wish for less than a cup of coffee per month

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For as little as $3 per week, you can help make a difference and be counted as a member of our growing community who give in a special way. Your donation will allow a young person like Ismael, with the support of a case worker, apply for funds to pursue a 'wish' or be nominated by a worker in recognition of a special achievement or completion of a goal while facing adversity.

Your gift through the Wishing Well Workplace Giving Program will help boost a young person's self-esteem, help them to achieve a goal, keep them connected with community and provide foundations to allow them to continue with a positive path in life.

Small gifts can have the biggest impact. Find out how your gift can make a difference to someone like Ismael.

For employees

You can donate money directly through your pay on a regular basis and receive a tax-deduction as you give. 

  • Complete the Wishing Well Contribution Form and nominate the amount you'd like to donate each pay cycle.
  • Read through our Frequently Asked Questions so you know everything you need to know about our Wishing Well Workplace Giving Program.
  • Send the completed Wishing Well Contribution Form to your Payroll Officer and ask them to set it up for you. 
  • Your Payroll Officer can get more information on how to set up Workplace Giving at Alternatively, please contact us on the details below.

For employers 

As an employer, if you wish to offer workplace giving, you can invite your employees to enter into Melbourne City Mission's Workplace Giving Program. Your employees must nominate Melbourne City Mission as their preferred charity and then specify the amount they wish to donate. For more information on setting up workplace giving, visit

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Corporate Partnership
Phone: 03 8625 4413