Leave a gift in your Will

Leaving a gift in your Will

A bequest is a gift of money or assets that you leave through your Will. Bequests are vital to Melbourne City Mission and the people we support. A bequest is a unique gift. It is an investment in the future. By leaving a bequest to our organisation, you are making a lasting difference for those in your community.

Bequests can take a number of forms, including:

  • a percentage of the value of your estate
  • a specified amount of money or property
  • residue of the estate after your family and other beneficiaries have been provided for.

Bequest income can make an enormous difference to the services we provide.

A Will specifies who or what will inherit your property and possessions after you are gone. It is a way that you can provide for family members, friends and the things that are important to you.

A Will also provides peace of mind. It is about clearly setting out your intentions for the future so they will be attended to after death.

When making your Will

When making your Will you should see your solicitor to make sure that your wishes are clearly expressed and legally binding. To include a bequest in an existing Will, you can simply add an extra clause known as a codicil.

Your solicitor can check that the codicil fulfils all legal requirements and does not contradict other clauses in your Will. While there are a variety of bequest clauses, the following is the one most used for a general bequest:
‘I give to Melbourne City Mission the sum of $ (or a percentage/residue of my estate) to be used for its general purposes and the receipt of the Officer of Melbourne City Mission will be sufficient discharge to my Executor/ Trustee’.

You may also choose to direct your bequest to a particular service of Melbourne City Mission, in which case you would use the above wording, but specify this service after the words ‘Melbourne City Mission’, e.g: Melbourne City Mission, Homelessness.

What a difference you can make

Gift or Bequest income can make an enormous difference to our services. Two recent bequests to our organisation have made a large impact on the newly created Melbourne Academy. Each day, previously disengaged youth come along to complete VCAL and VET programs at one of the six classrooms across Melbourne. These bequests were a huge benefit to the fitting out of these classrooms and, in turn, getting these young people back on track.

Meet Suzanne, our Bequests & Gifts ManagerWho to contact – Meet Suzanne

Suzanne is our Donor Relations Manager and is always happy to speak to you on a confidential level if you have an interest in including Melbourne City Mission in your Will.

Suzanne can be contacted on 03 9977 0000 or email bequests@mcm.org.au

Everything that you discuss with Suzanne is confidential.

More information

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