Help End Youth Homelessness

Help End Youth Homelessness

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Together, we’re building a world-first solution to youth homelessness in Melbourne’s CBD

There aren’t enough crisis beds – so we’re building our own!

On any given night in Melbourne’s CBD, it’s estimated there are up to 75 young people experiencing homelessness, because they’re considered too complex for existing crisis accommodation services.

Young people without a safe place to spend the night may be forced into unsafe housing, someone else’s couch or sleeping rough on the street.

You can understand, it’s a traumatic, dangerous and isolating experience, especially for vulnerable young people.

Many of the young people we work with have experienced homelessness due to abuse, neglect or trauma, through no fault of their own.

That’s why we’re taking Frontyard Youth Services to the next level

Frontyard Youth Services, our flagship building near the corner of King Street and Flinders Lane, is undergoing a major redevelopment. (We've temporarily moved to 244 Flinders Street, Melbourne in the meanwhile.)

The new building, scheduled to open in early 2019, will house two floors of crisis accommodation and two floors of support services.

It’ll be open 24/7, with onsite specialist support staff ready to help at any time.

It’ll be a one-stop-shop for the most vulnerable young people experiencing homelessness in Melbourne’s CBD

This approach is a world-first innovation towards ending youth homelessness.

It’s so ground-breaking we’re calling it “The Disruptive Model” – because it’s built to disrupt the cycle of homelessness and give young people a chance to change their future on their own terms.

You can give a young person a hand-up

With your support, a young person experiencing homelessness can access 24/7 supervised crisis accommodation, holistic therapeutic services to meet physical and mental needs, legal and educational support, and access to job-seeking skills programs.

It doesn’t just make sense from the perspective of giving someone a hand-up and not a hand-out – it also makes economic sense.

Every dollar invested in crisis accommodation has a possible future return of $2.70 back into the community, as well as offering the opportunity to build long-term pathways out of homelessness.*

Donate nowPlease donate today and you’ll open the door to the new Frontyard – and a new future!

A generous donation of $49 could change the direction of a young person’s life by keeping them safe for one night at the new Frontyard.

You can show them the warmth they’ve never known.

*University of Melbourne’s Sustainable Society Institute cost-benefit analysis, March 2017.

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