Changes at Laurimar Kindergarten and Braybrook Early Learning Centre from next year ​

02 April 2019

From next year, Melbourne City Mission (MCM) will no longer deliver the kindergarten programs at Braybrook Early Learning Centre and Laurimar Kindergarten.

The programs will remain open and will be delivered by new providers, who will be selected by the Maribyrnong City Council and the City of Whittlesea respectively through expression of interest (EOI) processes.

MCM will continue to deliver the kindergarten programs at Braybrook and Laurimar until the end of term 4, 2019. There will be no changes to our programs, timetables or enrolment processes as we prepare for transition to new operators.

We are working closely with our staff and Councils to support a smooth transition to new kindergarten providers for next year.

These changes will not affect Hartnett House Children’s Centre or Bassetts Road Early Learning Centre, or our other services supporting children and families in the Doreen and Braybrook communities.