Independent Supported Living

About our service

We provide a range of group homes (shared supported accommodation) to meet the needs of people with a disability. Our group homes are high quality, community based, shared accommodation and utilise principles of person centred active support – an approach of supporting which enables people with a disability to fully participate in life. This framework ensures that the people with a disability are supported in a way that promotes quality of life outcomes and independence.

Melbourne City Mission provides 12 group homes in Melbourne. Our houses provide 24 hour accommodation support, normally with up to five people with disabilities in each house. Each house is located in the suburbs and look no different to any other house in the community, but are complete with aids and adapted to support people with a disability. 

Is this support for me?

 We can provide you with support if:
  • you are aged from 6 to 65 and are living with a disability as determined under the Disability Act 2006
  • you have completed a Disability Service Register from the Department of Human Services and submitted it to the Department of Human Services Vacancy Coordination Unit.

How can this support assist me?

We take a person-centred approach, assessing a person’s needs and then tailoring supports to meet those needs. Together, we create an individual plan that outlines your goals so we can support you to reach them. These goals may include a plan:

  • for how to spend your leisure time
  • to develop your interests or skills
  • to assist with household management including cleaning, shopping or money handling
  • to participate in the local community, taking public transport, attending a movie etc.

Depending on what goals you have, we will support you to achieve this goal so you can live the life you want.

Who has this support assisted?

Saverio - one the people we support in our Disability Residential Group HomesRead Saverio’s story, one of the people we support at one of our group homes. Saverio received support from Melbourne City Mission to develop his independent living skills. Proudly, he now declares ‘I am independent’. Saverio’s inspiring story not only tells a personal story but one of friendship and trust between Saverio and his support workers.

How can I access this support?

In order to access any of our group home supports you must be registered on the Department of Human Services (DHS) Disability Support Register. You can contact the DHS Intake and Response Service on 1800 783 783.

 Contact us  
Phone For all enquiries regarding accommodation, please Call our Intake Team:  1800 343 287
Residential Services Co-ordinator  03 9487 9200