Adult (19+ Years)

Melbourne City Mission's disability carer services

You choose. You control.

For someone living with disability there was a time when ‘in the community’ meant going to the shops. Not anymore. Melbourne City Mission knows you expect to be able to live a very full, meaningful, happy and confident life. You expect real choices about your work, your relationships, your interests and your home – with freedom to control the supports you need to set all your goals and achieve them. With the funds in your
NDIS or Department of Human Services Individualised Support Plan, you can buy the supports you need to get on with your life.

Our services for adults aged 19+ years are listed below. Alternatively, call our Customer Services team on 1800 343 287. 

Support Coordination
1800 343 287
Support Coordination can assist you to find and connect to services, so you can bring your National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan to life.
Bridges Community Linkages
03 9977 0004

Bridges supports adults with mild to severe intellectual disabilities with community-based training and support. We also provide an adult training support service. Please click through for further information - this support can be for you if you have funds in your NDIS plan, or in your Department of Health and Human Services Individualised Support Plan.
03 9487 9277
Compass is a group run by and for people with an acquired brain injury (ABI) where you can learn skills, meet new people and rebuild your confidence.