Awesome with Autism. 

Diversity in world views is a positive thing and people with autism have much to contribute. People with autism see the world through different eyes. The world may seem uncomfortable, sometimes frightening, disturbing and overwhelming. Connecting with others and making friends can be difficult. 

Getting the right support makes a big difference. Melbourne City Mission is recognised and respected for our work supporting people through family-centered activities and positive behaviour support. We work in autism-friendly environments, we know what works and we see results: people reaching their full potential and getting on with their lives. 

Our services related to Autism are listed below. Alternatively, call our Customer Services team on 1800 343 287 for a no obligation chat with our Customer Service Team. 

Whether you or the person you support is living with a disability, we provide a range of supports that can assist you with the development of new skills to help people live an independent life. Whether you need support to learn independent living skills, budgeting, using public transport, cooking, cleaning, accessing resources, continuing education or finding meaningful things to do with your day, we have a variety of services that can support you. Below you will find a list of what we can provide.

Shared Care
1800 343 287

Melbourne City Mission Shared Care provides children with autism or disability with associated behaviours of concern, aged between 6-16, planned two-to-three day overnight stays in a house in Thornbury.

Positive Behaviour Support – Affirming Families
1800 343 287

Affirming Families provides support for families with children who have a disability and presenting behaviours of concern. We can implement positive behaviour supports aimed at increasing your child’s ability to participate more fully in family home life and their broader community. Please click through for further information - this support can be for you if you have funds in your NDIS plan, or in your Department of Health and Human Services Individualised Support Plan.

Support Coordination
1800 343 287
Support Coordination can assist you to find and connect to services, so you can bring your National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan to life.