Shared Care

In 1991 Melbourne City Mission introduced a unique short-break Behaviour Support service for children with autism. The service focuses on reducing identified behaviours of concern and developing skills and knowledge, so the children are able to participate more fully in family and community life. Based on a shared care model, the program offers planned two-to-three day overnight stays for the children in a house in Thornbury. Trained staff develop positive behaviour support plans and teach the children new skills and strategies within a familiar and comfortable routine. 

Melbourne City Mission Shared Care operates from a house in a suburban street in the inner Northern suburbs. 

We can offer you: 

  • Two-to-three day planned and regular overnight stays – this is important to establish a routine 
  • Positive behaviour support strategies to support the child or young person to learn skills and reduce challenging behaviour around situations that they find difficult 
  • A personalised program of behaviour support strategies, that can be used at home, at school and in the community. 

Building your child’s confidence, relationship skills and communication can have a positive impact on the whole family. 

This support can be for you if your child has autism or disability with associated behaviours of concern, is aged between 6-16 and you have funds in your NDIS.

How can I access this support?

Deciding what supports to choose seems hard. There are so many. We can make it easy. Call us now to talk to our Customer Service team for free on 1800 343 287.

Note: Once you contact Melbourne City Mission, you’ll always deal with the same person on the Customer Service team. They’ll get to know you, so they understand straight away, whenever you get in touch.

 Contact us
Address: Disability Services Intake Team, Melbourne City Mission, 230 Normanby Avenue, Thornbury, Vic 3071  
Phone: 1800 343 287