Assisted Community Living Packages: Western Region

02 February 2015

What are they?

Assisted Community Living (ACL) Packages are funding packages for adults with an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI).

The Assisted Community Living (ACL) packages are an initiative introduced by the Department of Human Services (DHS) to improve community-based support for people with acquired brain injury (ABI).

The ACL packages provide brokerage funding to help individuals with ABI maintain independent living in the community. The funds are to be used for individually tailored care packages that ensure services are available, accessible, and coordinated to meet the individuals’ needs.

An ACL package is a once off package of brokerage up to $5,000 per client per annum that can be used to purchase supports beyond those generally available through mainstream services.

Who can apply?

  • Between the ages 18-65.
  • Have a diagnosed ABI and are non-compensable.
  • Require moderate assistance to live independently.
  • Expend the majority of their income on accommodation and living expenses.
  • Live Western Metropolitan region.

Who cannot apply?


  • Some people are not eligible for these packages. You cannot apply if you: 
  • Receive an Individualised Support Package 
  • Have a primary diagnosis of a disability other than an ABI
  • Are affected by a degenerative neurological disease
  • Live in a DHS funded residential facility including Community Residential Unit (CRU) or Community Care Unit CCU)
  • Are receiving, or have received, compensation for your injury.

Funding may be used to:

  • Assist the person to access and participate in activities which will enhance their quality of life, e.g. by developing their personal & social skills or by participating in training/vocational activities.
  • Overcome social isolation and engage in age appropriate activities which are not currently available at their place of residence.
  • Purchase aids and equipment to allow community access.

Responsibilities of case managers and/or agency applying for the funds:

  • To obtain permission from the individual, or their guardian, prior to submitting the application.
  • To provide an accurate and detailed budget as to how the funds will be used with a breakdown of all costs involved.
  • To maintain contact with the individual, taking full responsibility for ensuring that funds are expended in their best interests and being flexible in meeting their needs.
  • Make sure that full details are supplied; otherwise the panel will be unable to make a judgement regarding the application.
  • Ensure the prioritisation tool is completed along with the comments section.

How to apply:

To apply for ACL packages you must fill out an application form.  Forms can be obtained from the Acquired Brain Injury Program Coordinator at ISIS Primary Care, Watergardens. 

To discuss or for further information, please call 03 9449 6910.

Application form