Childcare & kindergarten centres

Childcare and kindergarten

Melbourne City Mission provides childcare and kindergarten centres in the Brunswick, Whittlesea and Maribyrnong areas. All facilities provide safe and nurturing learning environments where play is used as a method of learning. We aim to involve all parents in the development of programs which are inclusive to the needs of not only the children at our centres but also their families and the wider community. See the list of our services below that provide childcare and kindergarten facilities.

The New Child Care Subsidy and what your family needs to do
Braybrook Early Learning Centre
03 8625 4419
The Braybrook Early Learning Centre, a high quality pre-school program in a brand new facility is now open. Registrations are being accepted for four year old kindergarten. Contact Maribyrnong City Council for further information.

Bassetts Road Early Learning Centre
03 8625 4419

The Bassetts Road Early Learning Centre opened in October 2015 in Doreen and provides the highest quality of care to you and your child. Please contact us today to enquire about enroling your child or to take a tour of our premises.

Laurimar Kindergarten
03 8625 4419

Laurimar Kindergarten provides a safe, nurturing and learning environment for three and four year olds in consultation with the local community. Book your tour today!

Hartnett House Children's Centre
03 8625 4419

Hartnett House Children's Centre is a community hub with heart, combining the features of a heritage building with modern engaging classrooms and sizeable, secure outdoor playgrounds ready for exploration.