Job seekers

JSA employment servicesFinding the right job is an exciting and challenging task. It can also be a daunting experience at the same time. We provide expert guidance and resources in the areas of employment, education and training and are here to assist you with your career development. 

If you are between the ages of 15–25 and are eligible for jobactive, we can assist you. Whether you're just starting your career path, have been unemployed for a long time or are in other ways experiencing difficulties finding a job, our jobactive team can help.

For example, we provide you with access to job vacancies, resume profiling for employers and effective employment advice, to assist you through your working life and are committed to helping you focus on the choices and directions that you wish take. 


We can assist you with the following:

  • To find employment

We are linked to hundreds of recruiters in the areas of Retail/Administration, Community Services, Transport and Logistics, Hospitality, Building and more, who need help sourcing suitable candidates. We can assist with matching your skills to the right jobs. Not only do we look for a position that suits your skills and experience, but one that will help you achieve your personal objectives.

  • Employment advice

Our trained staff can help you to identify your strengths and areas of expertise. We will then build on these by designing an employment plan which will assist you in finding the career direction you wish to take. Put simply, we will point you in the right direction.

  • Interview preparation/resumes/letters of application

We offer skilled staff who can help you with tips on interview preparation, confidence and self- esteem building activities, preparing professional resumes and letters of applications.

  • Linking you to education and training

There are many education and training options available to assist you into employment and our dedicated staff will assist you in researching these. We are connected to over 80 schools, TAFEs, RTO's ACE providers, and can assist you in accessing school-based apprenticeships, the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning, Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses, English language courses, as well as mainstream study options which will give you some foundation skills to help you start your career.

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