Heritage Service

About this service

Melbourne City Mission’s Heritage Service supports people who have left care to gather records and historical material. We can support you if you are a past user of Melbourne City Mission’s out of home services for children, maternity and adoption service.

What support does this service provide?

Many events of the last century led to children being separated from their parents, such as poverty, wars, lack of family services, and different attitudes to the birth of children outside marriage.

People who have left care may have mixed feelings about their experiences or want to understand more about what happened to them and why. Some people who have left care feel hurt and angry. Getting information and telling one’s story can be helpful at times.

The Heritage Service is gathering historical records and memorabilia that help provide background and context for the experiences of people who have left care. Few Melbourne City Mission personal records are available, although the Department of Human Services Adoptions and Family Records Unit holds Melbourne City Mission’s adoptions records.

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