Out of the Dark

About our service

Out of the Dark Family Violence Program is a psycho-educational group program developed by the New South Wales Department of Corrective Services (NSW CS) and further expanded by Melbourne City Mission to address domestic abuse/family violence issues for women in custody. Out of the Dark aims to educate women about family violence in order to make positive changes in their lives.

Out of the Dark is a 5-6 week (10 session) group program. The program consists of up to 10 women and covers topics such as:

  • definitions of abuse
  • cycles of abuse
  • your rights and the law
  • how domestic violence affects children
  • the importance of play
  • managing stress and self-care
  • profiles of victims and abusers
  • resources and links to support women who have come from domestic violence situations.

Referrals can be made by any woman or any staff member.

‘Violence against women is a human rights scandal of unparalleled dimension; it is a cultural, social and political malignancy rooted in prejudice, bigotry and discrimination whose eradication must be sought without reservation, without equivocation, and without delay.’
Kate Gilmore, Executive Deputy Secretary General, Amnesty International

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For further details about this service, please contact our Justice Team on 03 8486 2142.


Dame Phyllis Frost Centre (Family Support Services):  03 9217 8490

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