Accommodation services

We provide a range of supportive, stable and secure accommodation for young people experiencing or at risk of becoming homeless. Depending on the need for either short or long term supported accommodation, we incorporate stable accommodation with personal support and education, training and employment opportunities, with the objective of ensuring that the young person moves away from long term homelessness.

Therefore, whether your living situation is breaking down, you don’t have anywhere to go or you don’t feel safe in the place you’re in, we can work with you to find somewhere new, and to start afresh.

Please note, for all accommodation enquiries including emergency and crisis accommodation services, please contact Melbourne Youth Support Service on 03 9614 3688 or DHHS on 1800 825 955 for 24 hour homelessness assistance.

Services Melbourne City Mission provides

Please note: To avail of accommodation support, you must contact an access point and not the refuge or supported accommodation listed below directly. Melbourne Youth Support Service is an access point and can be contacted on 03 9614 3688.

Stopover Youth Refuge
03 8486 2133
Stopover Youth Refuge provides supported short-term crisis accommodation to single young people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.
Vicky's Place
03 8486 2135

Vicky’s Place is a young women’s refuge that provides supported crisis accommodation for young women aged 16 to 24, and their children, who are homeless.

Young Women's Crisis Service
03 8486 2135
The Young Women’s Crisis Outreach Service provides intensive crisis support for young women aged 16 to 24 with or without children who are either homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.
Youth Foyers
03 8486 2111
Youth Foyers provides long term supported housing along with services for education, training, or employment and intensive casework support to young people aged 16–25. The service aims to assist young people to build their independence, as well as social and life skills.