Frontyard Youth Services

Some of the youth homelessness services we provide
Frontyard Youth Services provides integrated services to address the physical, social and emotional needs of young people aged between 12 and 25 years who spend time in Melbourne's CBD. Some of our services also work with young people across greater Melbourne and throughout Victoria. 

Is this support for me/for my client?

If you are a young person 12 to 25 years experiencing homelessness, at risk of homelessness, disengaged or requiring support, we can support you to make decisions about your future. In order to access our services you must be:

  • aged between 12 to 25
  • homeless, at risk of homelessness, disengaged or requiring support.

How can this support assist me or my client?

Frontyard is the first point of contact for you or your client if the above criteria is met.  We are the main referral point for each of our co-located services. 
Frontyard is not a hangout space, you or your client must be accessing a service to access our other facilities.
At our central location in the CBD, we can give you a chance to have a shower and change your clothes, have a chat and grab a bite to eat. We provide a free all day breakfast, shower facilities, toiletries, underwear and socks for those who need them, phone cards for young people, and a free BBQ every Tuesday held on the steps of Frontyard.
You can also see a doctor or a dentist, get legal advice, use computers and iPads, talk to Centrelink and many other services to get advice, and support to help you make decisions about your future. 

What supports will you find at Frontyard?

We provide the following co-located support services:

Further details for each of these services can be viewed below.

How can I or my client access this support?

  • We are a drop-in service so no appointment or external referral is necessary. 
  • You or your client can present at Frontyard where our youth workers will have a conversation to determine what service is suitable for the young person’s needs. Our youth workers will then refer the young person to our co-located services if necessary.
  • If any of our co-located services need to refer a young person to another of our services, they must do so through a Frontyard Youth Worker.

Other helpful information

Frontyard Strategic Plan – Towards 2017
Youth homelessness fact sheet
Passport to a positive future

Youth Action Group (YAG)

The Youth Action Group is a group of emerging young leaders (ages 18–25) who are passionate about raising the profile of young people in Melbourne. 

The YAG will work collaboratively with other young people over the course of one year to create and deliver two campaigns that champion the voice and accomplishments of Melbourne youth, and the issues that they care about. 

 Contact us
Address   19 King Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000
Phone 03 9977 0077 or Freephone 1800 800 531 (Monday–Friday, 9am–8pm and Saturday & Sundays, 10am–6pm)
Out of hours Please call the Salvation Army Crisis Line on 1800 627 727
Operating areas Young people who spend time in Melbourne CBD can avail of Frontyard Youth Services. Some services at Frontyard also work with young people across the whole of Melbourne and Victoria.
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Frontyard Youth Advisory Committee (FYAC)

Frontyard Youth Advisory Committee is a consultative group to Frontyard and Melbourne City Mission. 

FYAC was created in June 2017, with the goal of involving young people in the decisions that affect them on all levels. FYAC provides young people with a platform to use their lived experience to influence change through community education, organisational consultations and advocacy.

Further enquiries 03 9977 0077
Freephone 1800 800 531
Out of hours 1800 627 727

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Melbourne Gateway Reconnect
03 9977 0077

Melbourne Gateway Reconnect aims to prevent homelessness by intervening early with families and young people to stabilise and improve their housing situation and improve their level of engagement with family, work, education, training and their local community.

Young and Pregnant Parenting (YAPP)
(03) 9977 0077

Young and Pregnant Parenting (YAPP) provides support for young people who are pregnant and/or parenting to access affordable and appropriate housing, to develop independent living skills, develop confidence in parenting, strengthen parent/child bonding, make community connections, improve their health and wellbeing and to access resources.

Melbourne Youth Support Service (MYSS)
(03) 9977 0077
Melbourne Youth Support Service (MYSS) provides a statewide telephone information and referral service for young people aged from 16 to 24, who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. We are an access point for young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.
Department of Human Services
03 9611 2411

Department of Human Services (DHS) is co-located at Frontyard Youth Services where they cater to young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, who may have particular barriers preventing them from accessing mainstream Centrelink services.