Frontyard Youth Advisory Committee (FYAC)

"We are a group of aspiring young leaders with lived experience in homelessness and issues regarding marginalised identities. We are passionate about making positive changes for young people in the community. We provide consultations/presentations on a number of issues including homelessness, mental health, gender, sexuality, race and inclusivity." – FYAC members Mission Statement

What is FYAC? 

Frontyard Youth Advisory Committee (FYAC) is a consultative group to Frontyard and Melbourne City Mission.

FYAC was created in June 2017, with the goal of involving young people in the decisions that affect them on all levels. FYAC provides young people with a platform to use their lived experience to influence change through community education, organisational consultations and advocacy.

Through this program, FYAC members engage in relevant training, personal and professional development that assists them to build skills and confidence they need for their future.

There are currently 12 active members of FYAC, and the program is growing every month. 

What do FYAC do? 

FYAC members provide provide input and expert advice on many aspects of the work at Melbourne City Mission and Frontyard Youth Services, including:
  • Co-delivery of Frontyard Community Education sessions
  • Representing Melbourne City Mission at events and conferences
  • Assisting Melbourne City Mission with various projects
They hope to use their personal experiences to influence social change through community education, and policy change through consultations and advocacy.

Community Education

FYAC members work alongside Frontyard Youth Services staff to deliver community education sessions focused on youth homelessness.

They have unique perspectives, and a passion for reducing the stigma and promoting understanding around the causes and effects of youth homelessness.


FYAC members have assisted many organisations and external bodies with an interest in consulting with, involving or engaging young people who have experienced homelessness.

So far, FYAC have consulted not only with Melbourne City Mission and Frontyard about how we can improve the work we do, they've also worked with organisations such as: 

  • Council to Homeless Persons
  • Youth Affairs Council VIC
  • Orygen Youth Mental Health Services
  • Berry Street
  • Studio Thick
  • Melbourne Water
  • City of Melbourne

To book a Frontyard Community Education session, a consultation with FYAC or for any other queries

Please contact Sandhya Jadunundun at or 0437 372 136.