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February 2016 - The Great Race

Melbourne City Mission & Frontyard Youth Service’s Youth Action Group 2016 met for the first time in February. They engaged in an Amazing Race style activity, where the group split up into 3 groups of 5 young leaders, racing across the CBD partaking in team building challenges. Both older Youth Action Group members from the previous year and new recruits connected instantly, with lots of conversation and excitement shared by all. We’re so looking forward to working with our Young Leaders throughout the rest of this year!

March 2016 - Future Melbourne Project

On Tuesday 29 March, under invitation from members of council, our very own Youth Action Group (YAG) took part in a discussion at Melbourne Town Hall, contributing their ideas to the Future Melbourne project. Future Melbourne 2026, run by City of Melbourne, is a long-term strategic plan to guide city development and activity from 2016 until 2026. Melbourne is constantly growing and evolving so it’s important to plan ahead to ensure we remain a prosperous, resilient and liveable city. To prepare for the next decade, the City of Melbourne has asked the community to refresh Future Melbourne, the strategic plan for our city. Developed in 2008, the Future Melbourne plan has guided all aspects of the city’s development, prosperity and liveability. The Youth Action Group is made up of young leaders from different cross sections of the community and their input to Future Melbourne was part of the council's process to ensure that the voice of young people and the next generation is heard. One of our young leaders was selected to participate in the next stage of the Future Melbourne process, the Citizen’s Jury, a further opportunity to support the City of Melbourne develop the next 10 year plan for Melbourne’s future strategic directions.

April 2016 - National Youth Week (NYW)

Melbourne City Mission & Frontyard Youth Service’s Youth Action Group 2016 (YAG) celebrated National Youth Week 2016 by challenging negative stereotypes often assigned to young people. YAG was asked “what’s true for you?” and let the young leaders advise what was true about their generation.

April 2016 - Non-Violent Communication Training

Over two weeks, the young leaders of the Youth Action Group (YAG) participated in non-violent communication training with Nicola Paris of Counteract. The young leaders learnt about the importance of effective campaigning and how non-violent action supports communities in taking effective, creative, strategic action on issues of social justice.

May 2016 - Council to Homeless Persons April Parity Launch

Alongside Council to Homeless Persons (CHP) and Hope Street Youth and Family Services, Melbourne City Mission co-sponsored the launch of the April edition of Parity magazine, “The Future of Youth Homelessness Support” on Wednesday 4 May. The launch was a fantastic opportunity for the sector to come together and learn directly from the wisdom of young consumers, all who had previous experiences of homelessness. Melbourne City Mission was so proud of two young leaders from the Frontyard Youth Services Youth Action Group (YAG), who spoke powerfully of their experiences and vision for change within the system.

June 2016 – FRMP Statewide Conference

Melbourne City Mission’s Family Reconciliation Mediation Program (FRMP) held their 9th state-wide conference on the 1 – 2 June, 2016. The theme for the conference was “Thrive: New ideas for ending youth homelessness”, which explored ways in which the sector could create and support workplaces and services which ‘thrive’ and therefore, ensure the people who access services are able to thrive within them. Four members of the Frontyard Youth Services Youth Action Group (YAG) attended the conference, ensuring ‘youth voice’ was woven into the perspectives of the two day event. The main insights captured by our young people throughout the two days were that: 

  • no group of people are homogenous! Young people experiencing homelessness, for example, do not have blanket experiences of the same issue
  • services need to be humanised and step away from being overly clinical
  • as a sector, we need to ensure that lived experience is a part of the development of policy and programs at all levels. 

The members of the YAG ended their presentation to the conference attendees by posing a question to the sector: “What are we doing to actively break the traditional cycles of neglect and poverty?"

October 2016 – Commissioner for Children and Young People

Members of the Youth Action Group pictured with Commissioner for Children and Young People, Liana BuchananCommissioner for Children and Young People, Liana Buchanan, met with members of the YAG to discuss meaningful youth engagement in Melbourne and opportunities for collaboration.

November 2016 – Launch of the YAG Manifesto


The young leaders of the 2016 YAG had many conversations during the year about how they see the wider community perceive and treat their generation. As a result of these conversations and the advocacy work of the group during the course of the year, the members of the YAG decided to create their own ‘Manifesto to Melbourne’, a compilation of what they would like to communicate to others about the essence of young people.

Read the YAG Manifesto here.