Your rights & responsibilities

Melbourne City Mission provides a level of service that respects your rights. Balanced with those rights are your responsibilities. The Victorian Charter of Human Rights guides our work with you.

Choice   You have the freedom to use any organisation you choose.
Your privacy   Your information will be kept private, and you will do the same for others.
RespectYou will be treated fairly and with respect, dignity and consideration, no matter who you are or where you come from, and you will do the same for others. You have the freedom to choose and express religion and culture. You will respect the rights of others including staff and the community in general, and you will respect the right of staff to work in a safe environment.
 SafetyAll services provided will be safe, high quality and do no harm. Services will be provided by experienced and qualified staff. You have the right to be treated humanely, protected from cruel treatment, and to live your life free from abuse, neglect or exploitation.

CommunicationClear and open information will be given about the services you receive and you will provide information to help us work with you. You have the freedom to say what you think. 

Participation You will be responsible for your own decisions. You will be involved in the decisions we make to support you.

Comment and be heard
CommentYou can provide feedback, complain and be heard on any issue, at any time. You have the right to a fair hearing if you make a complaint.

We always protect your privacy

Your privacy is important to us, and we will treat your information the way we’d like our own to be treated. 

How will information about me be used?

  • We may ask for your permission to gather information about you from others to provide you with a service.
  • You have the right not to provide us with your information, however it is hard to provide a service or give you the right information if we don’t know all the details.
  • We will keep and use your personal information appropriately.
  • We may use your de-identified information to improve the quality of the work we do with you and others.
  • Only authorised Melbourne City Mission staff are allowed to see, access or copy your records.
  • You have the right to see your details kept by us at any time and to ask for any mistakes to be corrected. To do so, please call your local Melbourne City Mission office.

Melbourne City Mission uses your personal information in accordance with the law. For more information on privacy please visit or phone 1300 666 444.