Cradle to Kinder

About our service

Our Cradle to Kinder service supports young families from pregnancy through early years. If you are under 25 and are in need of pregnancy and parenting support, we can help.

Is this service for me?

We can support you if:

  • you are aged 25 years or under and are between 20 weeks pregnant to full-term (approximate), or with an infant up to 6 weeks of age
  • you are living in Maribyrnong, Melbourne CBD, Moonee Valley, Hobson’s Bay or Wyndham
  • you are in need of pregnancy and parenting support, and/or health and well being support
  • you want to work voluntarily with us.

How can this service assist me?

We will:

  • provide you with pregnancy support: advice and support for the health of you and your baby while you are pregnant
  • provide you with parenting education support: support in the early months with feeding, sleeping and routine, and in strengthening the relationship between you and your child
  • support you to gain and maintain independence: provide support in looking after yourself while juggling the demands of money, home and your infant or toddler. We can help you find playgroups, childcare and kindergarten
  • help you learn skills through education, training and employment by helping you to access high school education, TAFE and Uni, training, short courses and job seeking programs
  • help you access specialist services including Department of Human Services Centrelink, drug and alcohol programs, early parenting courses, family mediation, family violence service, housing services, maternal and child health nurse, maternity hospitals, mental health supports, relationship and individual counselling, sport and cultural activities, young mothers’ groups.

How can I access this service?

All referrals for Cradle to Kinder are to be made through the relevant Child FIRST depending on the catchment in which you or the young person is residing at the time of the referral. The contact for Child FIRST in the Western catchment is Anglicare Victoria, who can be reached on 1300 775 160. Alternatively, you can call us on 03 9317 6108 if you have any questions or send us an enquiry by filling in the enquiry form below. 

Contact us 
Address Edge Water Place, Level 1 ,Suite 315, Thomas Holmes St, Maribyrnong, 3032  
Phone 03 9317 6108
Service areas We service the operating areas of Maribyrnong, Melbourne CBD, Moonee Valley, Hobson’s Bay or Wyndham.
We are available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Enquire about this service

For all enquiries 03 9317 6108