Finding Solutions Plus

About our service

Finding Finding Solutions Plus (FSP) program is an early intervention service that provides case management support to young people aged 10 – 15 years who are at imminent risk of being placed in care for the first time, to remain at home with their parents or to support their return home to their parents’ care when it is safe to do so.

Is this support for me or my client?

We work with young people:

  • aged from 10 to 15
  • housing situation: likely to have had one out of home care placement
  • who live in the north region of Melbourne
  • if a report has been made to Child Protection and Child Protection has made a referral to the Stronger Families Partnership through Kildonan Uniting Care.

How can this support assist me or my client?

We prove the following services:

  • Family Support: Intensive family-focused support for up to 12 months for young people and their families to nurture, strengthen and promote family relationships; strengthen broader community connections and link with education or training opportunities
  • Individual Support: For young people to help meet their safety, stability and developmental needs through identifying/resolving underlying issues and behaviours impacting on their relationship with their parents and other family members
  • Family Mediation: Providing mediation to address underlying issues and provide strategies for resolution of conflict
  • Parental support: Working with parents to assist them to identify and explore underlying issues and behaviors that are impacting on their parenting and relationship with their child

What geographical areas do we cover?

We provide support in the DHHS, North region of Melbourne (Yarra, Banyule, Darebin, Nillumbik & Whittlesea)

How can someone refer to this support?

  • In order to access this service, all referrals must come through the DHHS Child Protection Intake team.
  • Kildonan Stronger Families Case Managers allocate DHHS Child Protection referrals to Finding Solutions Plus based on consultation, priority and capacity
  • For referral enquiries please contact Early Intervention Duty Service on (03) 8311 5458, 9am-1pm, only on Mondays


Contact us
Address 3/6–12 South Road,Braybrook, Vic 3011
Referral enquiries 03 8311 5458 (Monday 9am–1pm)

If you are in crisis and need an immediate response, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14 who provide 24-hour crisis support or 1800 825 955 for 24 hour homelessness assistance.

Enquire about this service

For all enquiries 03 8311 5458