About our service

U-Thrive offers intensive family violence support for young people.

Based around delivery of therapeutic support to young people, it promotes the recovery from trauma, the safety and wellbeing of young people and families, and aims to disrupt cycles of family violence through therapeutic and educational intervention.

U-Thrive provides

  • individual therapeutic support for up to nine months
  • psychosocial and education group work with different cohorts of young people
  • secondary consultations with practitioners who work with young people experiencing family violence.

The program takes an integrated approach and works in partnership with other programs where a young person may already be supported. U-Thrive is family inclusive in its approach, but will not work with the perpetrator of the violence. However, a young person residing with a perpetrator is not excluded from receiving support from U-Thrive. 

Who is eligible for support?

Young people (12-24 years) who are victim/survivors of family violence and reside in the north or west metropolitan region of Melbourne are eligible to participate in the program. This program is for all genders.

U-Thrive staff are also available to discuss a young person’s eligibility and suitability for the program and can provide information about working with young people experiencing family violence. 


How can I access this support?

All referrals come directly to U-Thrive where staff are available to discuss client eligibility and suitability for the program.

To access U-Thrive, please contact Stacey Hill, U-Thrive Team Leader:

 Contact us
 Hours 9am–5pm, Monday to Friday 
 Phone/Email  1800 290 660 or 0428 245 632 / shill@mcm.org.au