Youth Foyers

About our service

Youth Foyers provide long term supported housing along with services for education, training, employment and intensive casework support to young people aged 16–25 to help them reach independence.

The support is delivered through a holistic model, where young people are motivated to re-engage and focus on their studies and their future employability. They also receive individual case management, which enables them to work towards personal goals, and address any issues that may be preventing them from progressing to independent living.

 Over 2-3 years in supported accommodation, the skills necessary for independent living are developed.

Additionally, all young people continue to be supported for up to 6 months after they leave the program, to ensure their smooth transition to independence. This is the first time the foyer model has been introduced in Australia, and through its success, it is now fully funded through DHS.

Is this support for me or my client?

We can support you if:

  • you are aged 16–25 years
  • you are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless

How can this support assist me or my client?

Youth Foyers will:

  • give you stable housing for 2–3 years
  • provide you with intensive case management
  • provide you with a structured program of education and training, focused on education and work, independent living, personal and social issues, community and leisure activities
  • offer you up to 6 months of support after you leave the program

We will provide support to:

  • work towards personal goals, and address issues that may be troubling you
  • learn skills that help you re-engage in the community, and develop towards independence
  • access education and employment opportunities that enable your future independence

The Youth Foyers program incorporates three housing locations

These locations are known as:

  • The Precinct
  • Hoddle Street
  • Lion Garden

An outreach case management program also operates in Wyndham as part of the H3 Wyndham Alliance.

This program does not currently have accommodation attached, but focuses on providing holistic support to young people homeless or at risk of homelessness to obtain stable accommodation and engage in education, employment and training pathways.

How can I or my client access this service?

To access Youth Foyers you need a referral or Initial Assessment and Planning (IAP) from an access point including:

  • Melbourne Youth Support Service (MYSS) – 03 9614 3688
  • Any other access point in Victoria

Contact us

If you want to know more about the Youth Foyers program and services, contact us on 03 8486 2111.

If you are in crisis and need an immediate response, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14 who provide 24-hour crisis support or DHHS on 1800 825 955 for 24 hour homelessness assistance.

Enquire about this service

For all enquiries 03 8486 2111