• client-story-betty-pal-care
    A special moment in the Tullamarine wind… For many years, Betty has lived with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Betty’s life has improved and she no longer feels so lonely since the Melbourne City Mission Community Palliative Care Team became involved.
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    "I did my best to take care of myself" Growing up as a survivor of domestic violence, Shane became his mum’s carer as he grew up. Struggling to juggle his personal and school work, he left education in search of a job. When his relationship with his mum then broke down, and his belongings were stolen while couch surfing, Shane turned to Frontyard.
  • Frank
    ‘I knew something was wrong’ Meet Frank, one of the many people supported by Melbourne City Mission’s Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Services. Frank, a victim of a stroke which resulted in his ABI, tells his story about how his life changed after his injury.
  • Matthew_Melbourne Academy
    ‘The Hester Hornbrook Academy helped define who I am’ Meet Matthew, a young student who once missed months of high school due to bullying before graduating from our Hester Hornbrook Academy, has now been offered a place at Victoria University.
  • Tania, a young mum and her son Dean
    In search of a safer place Tania is one of many Victorians supported by Melbourne City Mission. As a young child, she was confronted with adulthood way too early in her life.
  • “Go for it; anything is possible” Meet Liam, an aspiring young photographer and one of the first recipients of Melbourne City Mission's Kickstart Your Dream initiative, who is on his way to achieving his dream.