Our story

group of people from diverse backgrounds standing against a wall

decorativeAbout CQ

More than ever education, trade and migration flows are changing the face of Australia’s 12 million person workforce. Today half the population were born overseas or have a parent that was born overseas. We speak 250 languages and follow at least 135 religions.

The future success of Australian business depends on its ability to respond, adapt and capitalise on this diversity. Workforce leaders and organisations are navigating unchartered waters with increasingly dispersed and diverse staff and clients. Effective management of the challenges and opportunities of cultural diversity is pivotal to success.

CQ Cultural Consulting provides intercultural training and consulting services to support organisations achieve the benefits of diversity.

We work with government, corporate and not for profit organisations to assist them in managing staff and client diversity, and to develop their individual and organisational cultural intelligence (CQ).

Our dynamic and diverse multicultural team offer services that enhance customer service, inclusion, teamwork and productivity.

decorativeSocial Impact

CQ is a social enterprise of Melbourne City Mission with real social impact. Our social impact is measured in three distinct ways:

  • CQ comprehensively trains and meaningfully employs young people from culturally diverse backgrounds
Our staff are all under 30 years, from culturally diverse backgrounds and have been comprehensively trained as intercultural consultants for a period of 12 months.

  • CQ develops diverse leaders
More than simply train and employ culturally diverse young people - we build, foster and promote tomorrow’s leaders. We see this talent as ambitious, motivated and capable – and seek to counter the systemic barriers experienced by aspiring culturally diverse employees. CQ is committed to modelling the value diverse employees, and building capacity in future leaders.

  • CQ supports broader capacity building in diverse young people
100% of all profits from CQ are directed to the Western Young People’s Independent Network (WYPIN), a youth-led advocacy organisation that builds capacity and leadership in diverse young people.